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Watch Portraits

Watch Portraits is my new photography exhibition that will begin early next month. Focused entirely on watches, the show will feature both my macro watch photography and my Watch Mashups. The macro photographs get up close and personal with the intricate details of some beautiful timepieces. For the Mashups, I take elements from some of my favorite vintage watches and manipulate them to create unique interpretations of these classic pieces.

The photography exhibition will be at Sacred Gallery in NYC, located at 424 Broadway, 2nd Floor, in NYC. The opening reception is on Thursday, September 3rd, from 8-11 PM. The show will be up all month, but I would love to see you at the opening reception!

Prints are made on a metal surface at almost 3ft square. An edition of 5 will be sold for all large prints with smaller version available as well. A book of the exhibition will be available in limited quantities at the opening and to the public the day after.



Jaeger Le Coultre Boutique Visit

This past weekend, prior to the start of 2015 Madison Avenue Watch Week, I had a chance to visit the Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique to see the watches they would have on hand for the event. When a brand like JLC asks if you want to visit early to view some of the most exciting watches that have made their way to the boutique, you don't say no! Here are some of the highlights. Expect multiple posts as there was a lot to see!


The Master Compressor Extreme Lab II


The Reverso Grand Complication Triptyque


The new Limited Edition platinum Geophysic next to a vintage Geophysic


The Master Ultra Thin Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon




This year I was able to travel to Basel, Switzerland and participate in the madness that is one of the largest trade shows in the watch industry. Since I have been photographing mostly watches and watch-related things lately, it was important for me to go and be involved in this aspect of the watch world. I was also there as the official photographer for the Red Bar Group. If you are unfamiliar with Red Bar, it is a group of watch collectors based in NYC. The organization is rapidly expanding and we are partnering with many other watch clubs around the world to help bring watch collectors and enthusiasts together.

The following is a selection of some of my favorite photos from Baselworld 2015! All were taken with a Leica M type 240 with Leica 90mm macro lens and macro extension tube. 



JCC5 Group Photo!

This year the JoCo Cruise 5 crew was one of the best. Let's be honest, every year this thing just one ups itself. The talent represented here is just staggering. Thanks for the memories Seamonkey's! To request a larger version of this go to my JCC5 page.



JoCo Cruise 5

This is the 5th year that my wife and I have gone on the cruise put on by Jonathan Coulton and friends. It's like a giant awesome vacation with 900+ other people who share your interests! If you are familiar with PAX or other gaming conventions, it is kind of like that but on the high seas with an amazing private concert/show every night. This year was more casual and relaxed for me and I was fortunate enough to have my parents come along as well! I won't review every performer but this year's lineup was nothing short of spectacular. Of course you have the consistent favorites of Paul and Storm and JoCo himself, who always put on a great show. The incredibly talented singer/song writer Jim Boggia was on the boat again this year, and I got to help him shoot a really fun video for his Patreon campaign. The Both, which is Aimee Mann and Ted Leo's latest project, was what I was most excited about, and they rocked. The most unique performance that I think JoCo Cruise has ever seen was from the inspiring Brooklyn based rapper Jean Grae. If you can imagine hundreds of nerds on a boat in a Soul Train line then you can imagine part of her amazing performance. I took a different type of camera this year, a Leica digital rangefinder, and very much enjoyed the different pace and style of photographing with it. Here are some of my favorite photographs I made of the performers from JCC5!


Go to my JCC5 dedicated page HERE, or click the link in the top right corner.


John Roderick's patented rock and roll jump during Nemeses with Jonathan Coulton

Princess John Roderick and his glowing consort Paul Sabourin

Jean Grae melting our minds with her words

Jim Boggia melting our faces with a ukelele

Jim Boggia performing the entirety of Band on the Run by Wings

Ted Leo during Jim's Band on the Run performance

Ted Leo and John Roderick after Ted's epic reading of Tolkien's The Silmarillion

Aimee Mann after Ted's reading

Steampunk Wil Wheaton at the annual Paul F. Tompkins Moustache Formal and Fezstravaganza