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All of the JCCC3 photos are up!

Look for the link in the top right hand corner of the site to view all the images taken during JoCo Cruise Crazy 3! Or CLICK HERE. They are all available for sale on a pay what you want basis. More info available on it's page. If you have never been on a cruise, don't go, unless it's for JCCC! It is the only way to travel by boat in the Carribbean. JCCC4 is has been announced, make your travel plans now!


Captain Wil Wheaton guides his ship in the Celebrity Artemis tournament. (That's a Star Trek simulator game to those unaware)


JCCC3 (#3)

David Rees is an extremely funny man. His dry sense of humor may be lost on some, but when he is in a DJ battle with John Hodgman things really get hot. Coming soon I will be offering all of my images I took on JCCC3 for sale. It will be a pay-what-you-want sliding scale. By early next week I should have this up and running!

Taken with Canon 5D mkII with 24mm f1.4 II using 3 stitched images. 




JCCC3 (#2)

One of the performers on the cruise, John Roderick, of the rock band The Long Winters, was on stage doing his duet from Jonathan Coulton's latest album. Only it was a show where Jonathan was letting other people sing his songs using his band as back up! There was a 14 year old attendee who bought his show pass using his own money because he was that excited to be there and hang out with all the awesome nerds and performers. Needless to say after he helped Roderick sing his part during the song "Nemeses" David became an instant cruise celebrity. 




I just got back from photographing JoCo Cruise Crazy 3. It was my second year in a row as the official cruise photographer. I had an absolutely amazing time with Jonathan Coulton and his band and the 14 or so other performers. Over the next two weeks I will be posting highlights here. If I took photos of you or performers that you want to purchase from me in print or digital format please get a hold of me via email at

From left to right, top row: Mike Phirman, Wil Wheaton, Kevin Murphy, Randall Munroe, Joseph Scrimshaw, David Rees, Bill Corbett, Storm (of Paul and Storm), Paul (of Paul and Storm), Christian the Italian Dumpling (JoCo's drummer), John Hodgman, Scarface (JoCo's assistant), John Roderick. Bottom row: Angela of the Doubleclicks, Molly Lewis, Aubrey of the Doubleclicks, Zoe Keating, Adam (JoCo's bassist), and Jonathan Coultan himself.


Set Yourself On Fire

Sometimes you just need to burn away all the impurities by setting yourself on fire.